I provide clinical supervision to pre-licensed and fully licensed counselors and other psychotherapists.

I offer trainings, workshops, keynote presentations, courses, and intensives on a variety of topics.

I also provide one-off (or ongoing) consultation sessions for helping professionals.


Supervision is one hour per week. Consultations are one hour per session.

My hourly rate is $200. However, particularly for pre-licensed clinicians, I am happy to discuss a sliding scale rate.

Trainings vary, depending on your needs. Typically two hours.

For a two-hour workshop, I charge $800. This includes: a one-hour consultation (via video chat) to ensure the workshop is tailored to be relevant to your needs, an hour of work to generate the content and active learning components of the training (I typically spend more time than this but don't charge for my pace), and two hours for the workshop itself.


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Free 15-minute Consultation

I truly believe in the value I offer as an educator and supervisor. Choosing to learn from someone is a significant investment of time, money, and effort, and I want you to feel confident about choosing me for that opportunity. This free consult is my way of taking the pressure out of the exploratory part of this decision. Please fill out the Request Form and I will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.


You may also text or email me directly!

(318) 523-0523