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Thank you for considering me as your counselor! Requesting professional assistance is an important decision, so I want to assure you of my experience and my approach. Please review my qualifications, style, and other pertinent information below. I am happy to answer any of your questions that aren’t answered below. I offer a free, 30-minute consultation session for new clients for the purpose of getting to know each other and determining whether we are a good fit. Finding the right counselor can be a sensitive and challenging process. This free consult is my way of taking the pressure out of the experience. I look forward to working with you!


I have over a decade of experience in counseling, a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Wellness, and I am licensed by the state of New Jersey as a professional counselor (LPC) and the state of Vermont as a clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC). Furthermore, I am a certified clinical supervisor of career counseling (CCSCC), which means that I not only know how to practice counseling effectively, but I also train others to do this work well.

My approach with each and every client involves kindness, caring, and empathy. You have unique needs, beliefs, and goals, and my mission is to always ensure you feel heard and respected. Our time will be spent working on the things that matter most to you. I also approach this work as a collaboration: you are the expert on you, I am the expert on counseling, and together we'll work to achieve a meaningful outcome for you!

I specialize in career counseling, mental health counseling, and counseling for LGBTQIA2+ folx. I practice an integrative approach to counseling that combines feminist, existential, and person-centered theories of counseling, along with a Positive Psychology foundation. For career counseling, I primarily use post-modern approaches, mainly drawing from happenstance theory and social cognitive career theory. I also incorporate narrative theory and life design counseling for career construction paired with design thinking principles and use of the CliftonStrengths assessment.



Mental Health

Depression and Anxiety

Challenges Adjusting to Life Changes

LGBTQIA2+ Affirmative Therapy

Wellness Goals (e.g., Relationships, Stress, Fitness, etc.)


Identify & Use Your Unique Strengths

Changing Careers or Career Advancement

Navigating Career Stress and Challenges

Job Search: (Resume Writing, Interviewing, Finding Opportunities, Networking, Negotiating an Offer, etc.)


Choosing a Major | Deciding a Career

Finding Internships

Landing Your First Post-graduation Job

Applying to College, Graduate School, or Professional Program (e.g., Medical School)

Personal Statements / Essays


Career counseling can involve a wide range of topics: some "mundane" that can be addressed with basic coaching and some that are deeply personal or significant that can benefit from therapy. For instance, some people are rather laid-back about resume writing, but feel intense anxiety about interviewing. Even someone who is experiencing career confusion (i.e., uncertainty about what they want to do with their life) can benefit from a therapeutic approach, even if they aren't experiencing severe depression or anxiety; this is often referred to in the mental health world as an "adjustment" issue.

In counseling, you are the driver and I am your co-pilot. You will always have the freedom to decide what topics we focus on and the approach you find most beneficial!

Professional counselors and associate counselors are licensed by the Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners, Professional Counselor Examiners Committee, an agency of the Division of Consumer Affairs. Any member of the consuming public having a complaint relative to the practice conducted by a professional or associate counselor shall notify the Professional Counselor Examiners Committee, PO Box 45007, 124 Halsey Street, Newark, New Jersey 07101,, or the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 45027, 124 Halsey Street, Newark, New Jersey 07101,

My practice is also governed by the Rules of the Board of Allied Mental Health Practitioners. It is unprofessional conduct to violate those rules. A copy of the rules may be obtained from the Board or online at Clinical mental health counselors licensed by the Office of Professional Regulation in Vermont abide by the statutory definitions of unprofessional conduct (26 V.S.A. § 3271 & 3 V.S.A. § 129a). To file a complaint, go to